These are questions I’ve perhaps never actually been asked directly, let alone ‘frequently’, but hopefully they’ll provide you with a good insight into the type of service I offer.

What style of wedding photography do you do?

My preferred approach is to adopt a documentary (reportage) style to capturing your wedding. I’d really like to provide you with  an album that tells the whole story of your day from start to finish and features candid photos showcasing the nervous excitement while you were getting ready to the spirited excitement on the dance floor many hours later. For me, this kind journalistic approach generates beautifully natural results and is the least obtrusive for yourselves and your guests.

If you’re working journalistically, can we still get group shots?

Sure you can! Whilst I wouldn’t recommend having too many formal group shots, I totally understand that this may be something you’re keen on and I will of course oblige!

Why wouldn’t you recommend having too many formal group shots?

For me, they hark back to an era of photography (pre-digital) where it generally wouldn’t have been feasible for a photographer to take as many shots as I’ll be able to take on your day. Brides and grooms would understandably want a memento of every guest that was at their wedding and the best way of achieving that was through a selection of posed, formal photos that ticked all the relevant boxes. Conversely, I’ll be able to get you a selection of candid shots of every guest in attendance as they go about their day having a great time at the celebration you’ve laid on, and the more time I have available to do that  the better!

In keeping with that, the time you’ll invest in posing for (typically) 5 to 10 formal photos is time you could be spending mingling with your guests and enjoying your day, rather than standing around waiting while your ushers/best man/maid of honour rush about trying to figure out where on earth Uncle Jim has disappeared to!

How about bride and groom portraits?

Now that’s different story! This is your day and whilst there’s absolutely no obligation in this respect, it’d be great if we could find a bit of time (maybe 30 minutes or so) to get a few portraits of just the two of you. Portraits are something I specialise in and we’re sure to have a bit of fun getting some great shots of you both looking newly wedded and stunning in your wedding attire!

Plus it’ll give you a little breather to really take a moment and enjoy the fact you’re now married. It won’t be overly posed and it won’t be cheesy, it’ll just be about the two of you and your own personal story, immaculately framed by the surroundings you’ve chosen.

Oh, and if you’re camera shy, don’t fret! I am too! (Incredibly so). I can completely relate and will be happy to talk through any concerns you might have so we can all have a good time and a bit of a laugh shooting the portraits.

Speaking of attire, what will you be wearing?

This is largely up to you. In the absence of any direction I’d tend to dress semi-formally, i.e. smart trousers and shirt but with plain black pumps rather than well-heeled leather shoes. The reason for the pumps is that I’ll be moving around a lot, so I need to be nimble on my toes and quiet as I go about my work. I like to blend into the background as much as possible, however, if you’d like me to wear a suit, tie and formal footwear, I’m perfectly happy to do so – just let me know!

And on to the more technical stuff, how many photos will you be providing for us and how/when will they be delivered?

This will vary depending on the amount of action on your particular day, but for a full day’s coverage (roughly 8 hours) I’ll aim to deliver approximately 500 edited photos for you. They’ll be uploaded to and downloadable from your own private gallery on this website no more than 2 weeks after your wedding day. They’ll in high resolution for you to print and share as you wish and will have been nicely polished in my own style to make them look absolutely beautiful.

I always aim to get every shot right 'in camera' so there shouldn’t be much call for extensive Photoshop work to be done on the images, but if you have additional requirements (such as extensive skin retouching, for example) in this respect once you’ve received the images, I hope you’ll understand that this will have to come at additional cost because it’s very time consuming.

Could you tell us a bit more about the equipment you’ll be using and what precautions you have in place to ensure that the photos are secure?

Of course! I’ll always have at least two cameras with me on the day as well as a broad selection of lenses. My camera of choice is the Fujifilm X-T2, which delivers the most incredible images and, as such, I have two of them. They write to two memory cards at the same time so I’m always recording a backup of every image in case one card fails, and I’ll have a whole bunch of memory cards in my bag.

You can also rest assured that I won’t be resting after the wedding until all the images I’ve captured have been backed up in at least one more place (either a hard drive or, ideally, cloud storage if I have good internet access).

Cameras, lenses and memory cards aside, whilst I generally favour shooting using available light, I’ll also have at least three flashes with me to use as and when it’s appropriate for me to do so.

If you’d like any more details about my kit list, please feel free to ask.

How do you decide which photos to take in colour and which to take in black and white?

I actually take every shot in full and glorious Fujifilm colour, then convert certain shots to black and white during the post-production process. As I go through the images there will be some that perhaps covey a lot of emotion that will look more powerful in black and white. Or maybe there will be some striking lines in the image that’ll be enhanced by the high contrast look black and white images can provide. I use my own experience and tastes to identify those images but, if once I’ve delivered the images to you, there are some you’d like converted one way or the other, I'll do my best to oblige.

We can see you’re based in London, but are you also prepared to travel to wedding venues elsewhere?

Absolutely! I currently have weddings booked for 2018 in Manchester and France and welcome any opportunity to travel! This is one of those things where it may be necessary for you to cover my travel and accommodation costs, but that’ll be very much dependent on the specifics of your particular requirements. Get in touch and we can figure that out.

Are you insured?

Yes indeed I am. I’ve got public liability, professional indemnity, equipment and travel insurance, so I’m comprehensively covered!

One final question…how long did it take you to write out all these FAQs?

AGES, haha ☺

Lorna & Stephen-209